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Language, Culture, Stormy Days

Our Trip to Ireland

On Thursday, 13 September 2018, the students of 2AK of HAK Grazbachgasse finally started their long-awaited journey to Ireland. Our first stop: Dublin, where we stayed for two and a half days.

On the first evening, we visited the statue of Molly Malone - and all of us rubbed her breasts! Sounds crazy? Well, apparently this is an old “tradition” that is supposed to bring luck. Afterwards we were allowed to go and have a look around Dublin’s city centre by ourselves.

The next day was nice. We got tickets for a hop on hop off tour and discovered Ireland’s capital by bus. Our first stop was the Castle of Dublin, which is simply stunning. The castle itself was beautiful, colourful and cosy looking, and there was a small exhibition of modern art as well.

Afterwards we got onto the bus again and looked at other famous sights, such as St. Patrick’s Ca-thedral. Sadly, we could not get into the Guinness Store House that day but went back there the next day and finally got in. It was unbelievable. It was massive. There was a waterfall on the ground floor that was mesmerizing. In an exhibition about Guinness’ ads, we saw the original Guinness Harp. The funniest two exhibits were a bicycling fish and a whistling oyster. Then we headed to the Gravity Bar on top of Guinness Store House. From there, the view over Dublin was breath-taking. We could see the entire city from there.

In the afternoon, we got on the bus again and went to Galway. The landscape we could see from the bus was lovely. We saw lots of green fields, cows and sheep. When we arrived in Galway, our host families already waited for us and took us home.

The next day was the most memorable day, at least in my opinion. We went to the Cliffs of Moher, where we walked around, talked a lot and took many photos. The view was truly unbelievable: the great, wide ocean on one side and large fields with livestock on the other. I think this place gave all of us a little bit more energy. We felt a vibe of freedom there.

On the next day, Monday, our language school started. The school was a great opportunity for us to speak even more English. In the afternoon, we had a walking tour through Galway and visited the monument on Eyre Square, which is a rusty boat, Galway Cathedral, a Pub called “The King’s Head”, and St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church. On Tuesday, we went to the Aquarium of Galway and passed the place where Ed Sheeran filmed the video to his song “Galway Girl”. The way to the Aquarium was also very beautiful, because we had to walk along the bay of Galway and the sea was so wild and pretty. On Wednesday, there was a hurricane warning but, in the end,, the city was just hit by a storm in the morning, so we could still go on a treasure hunt in the afternoon. On Thursday, we visited the City Museum of Galway. There, we could see many interesting things that had been found in Galway, like jewellery, for example, and even a boat. In the evening, we went to “Escape the Room”. On our last day, we attended a course for traditional Irish dance in the evening. It was hard at first but then it was great fun and we all had an amazing last evening together.

All in all, I can say that it was a great trip! We all talked more with each other and I think our English improved as well. It was a great opportunity to experience a completely different culture. We had a great time in Dublin and in Galway

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